Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement At Home Vastgoed BV (legitimate reasons)

Your privacy is extremely important to us. This privacy statement explains which personal data At Home Vastgoed BV collects from you through our interaction with you and through our services, how we use this data, for what purpose and how you can change and / or delete your data.

This Privacy Statement is based on the General Data Protection Regulation ('GDPR') that applies as of 25 May 2018. Until 25 May 2018 the Personal Data Protection Act ('Wbp') will be respected.

At Home Vastgoed offers a number of services, including mediation between landlord (owner's property) and (candidate) tenant. The financial and technical management of a home for an owner and / or manager is also part of the service. References to At Home Vastgoed BV services in this statement relate to services, websites, apps, software and all other current and future services of At Home Vastgoed BV.

This statement relates to the communication between you and At Home Vastgoed BV, the listed At Home Vastgoed BV services and other current and future At Home Vastgoed BV services for which this statement is displayed.

Personal data that we collect

At Home Vastgoed BV processes data to be able to work effectively and to offer you the best experiences with our products and services. You give us a number of these details directly to us, for example when you create an account, submit a search request, register for the newsletter, sign up for a viewing, apply as a tenant, supply documents or contact us. for support. We obtain part of the data by recording how you handle our products, for example by using technologies such as cookies, IP addresses and sessions / visits to our website (s).

Why does At Home Vastgoed BV process personal data?

At Home Vastgoed BV is a rental agent specialized in the rental and rental of real estate. In the event that you apply as a new tenant of a home, your data will be processed for the purpose of performing a screening of relevant data at the request of a client (or lessor) with whom you enter into an agreement.

As a rental agent we have a duty of care. In order to comply with this duty of care, we must ensure that a good and suitable tenant arrives in the property of a landlord. On the other hand, by assessing the supplied personal data, we also try to ensure that no unfeasible situations arise for you as a new tenant. This is in everyone's interest, from you, the landlord and us as a mediator.

You have the opportunity at all times to view, change or delete your account and the associated data within our system. The data is stored for this purpose within your own, secure environment where no client is involved access without your permission .

At Home Vastgoed BV is independently responsible for processing personal data. This Privacy Statement applies to all processing of personal data by us as At Home Vastgoed BV.

There is a Data Protection Officer ('DPO'). The FG can be reached via In case of questions, changes, deletion or other requests, you can always contact us directly by e-mail.

Based on which basis does At Home Vastgoed BV process personal data?

Our client has a legitimate interest (Article 6 paragraph 1 sub f AVG) within the framework of the selection of you as possible new tenant of his / her (real estate) object, to assess your integrity and therefore determines whether and to what extent it is relevant and necessary that you are screened for certain parts.

The composition of the screening has been determined by the client on a policy basis, taking into account the requirements set within the AVG. This also includes the requirements of proportionality and subsidiarity, so that only those data need to be verified that are related to the risks surrounding the (upcoming) job or the rental of a home. We will never ask for superfluous data, if you nevertheless deliver these, we will destroy them or request you immediately.

How we use personal data

At Home Vastgoed BV uses the data we collect for our operations and to provide you with the rental and housing mediation services that we offer; we use data to improve our products and adapt your experiences to your personal preferences. We may also use the information to communicate with you, for example to inform you about your account, security updates and additional services information.
In addition, we use data for analysis purposes, both in our own system and also (anonymously) with products offered by third parties such as Google Analytics. However, we never use personal information to send you advertisements from others and / or provide your information to them without your consent. Think of data or information from e-mails, chats, conversations or voicemails, or from your documents, photos or other personal files - we will never use them for this purpose and use them for that purpose.

What information do we ask, how and why do we process it?

At Home Vastgoed BV processes personal data which we have received from you, mainly because of communication purposes relevant to you - such as that we inform you of (on the basis of your specified search profile) new and relevant housing supply.

In addition, the following (personal) data and / or documents can be processed, in the event that you apply as a new tenant and upload the corresponding documents under your profile - for assessment by both us and ultimately the client (landlord / owner of the object).

Your registration
  • Your household composition (single, cohabiting / partner, multiple friends / colleagues / housing distributors)
  • Your personal details
    • Name, surname
    • Date of birth (age)
  • Your contact details
    • E-mail address
    • Phone number
  • Your income
    • Working / studying / self-employed entrepreneur
    • Monthly gross income
    • Guarantor yes / no
      • Income guarantor +/-
  • Your search profile
    • Residence + radius (distance)
    • Rental price range + expected rental period
    • Property properties (Bedrooms, Living area, Object type, Interior, Parking space)
  • Your account
    • Unsubscribe newsletter
    • Unsubscribe / delete account
Your documents
If interested in a home, we ask you first attend a viewing. After you have attended the tour, you can indicate whether you are interested in renting the property.

We will then ask you to upload documents (depending on whether you are a student, work and / or self-employed). We ask these documents because we have to meet our duty of care. This is meant to be both you, the landlord and us protect and ensure that successful mediation takes place.

We will ask you to upload the following documents:
  • Identity card (passport or Dutch identity card)
    You must always screen the BSN number, document number and signature, you can also use the government app Copy ID:
    If you have not (sufficiently) protected this, the document will immediately be removed with the request to return it in good order.
  • Work / income
    • Studying
      • Confirmation DUO registration (if you are a student)
      • Guarantee (if applicable)
      • Act of guarantee (completed and signed)
      • Identification guarantor (You need to protect the BSN number, document number and signature)
      • Pay slip guarantor
      • Annual statement guarantor
    • Working
      • Copy of employment contract
      • Employer's declaration (no older than 3 months)
      • Your annual statement
      • Pay slips of the past 3 months
      • Bank statements of the last 3 (monthly) salary deposits
      • Copy of bank card
    • Self employed
      • Excerpt Chamber of Commerce
      • Profit and loss account (including prognosis)
      • Authorized sign identification (You must foreclose the BSN number, document number and signature)
    • Financial
      • Bank statements of the last 3 (months) salary deposits
      • Copy of bank card
    • Guarantee (if applicable)
      • Act of guarantee
      • Identification guarantor (You need to protect the BSN number, document number and signature)
      • Pay slip guarantor
      • Annual statement guarantor
    • Others
      • Good tenants' declaration (or Name, telephone number, e-mail address of your current / last landlord)
      • Motivation
        You indicate without obligation to the landlord why you are interested in the property.
All documents that you upload are directly provided by our system with a watermark, to make it clear that these are processed by and for At Home Vastgoed BV and can not and will not be used for any other purpose.

Your nomination
You have indicated that you would like to rent the property and you have uploaded the above documents (depending on your situation). At your request the documents, masked by you and provided by us with a characteristic At Home Vastgoed BV watermark, shared with the landlord / owner of the house in question.

At the moment you apply for a home, we can provide your data to Economic Data Resources B.V. (EDR). EDR will provide advice on your creditworthiness based on this information. EDR uses your data for research into your creditworthiness and contact details. If you wish to object or request information about the use of your personal data by EDR, see:

The landlord / owner of the home can then use this (the e granted by you with permission ). view documents as the only person with his / her protected account within the secure environment online and determine whether you are the right candidate to hire the property.Then you can let us know that you have been selected as the new tenant for the home.

You of course have the right and the possibility to deny access to the documents by the landlord (or by us) at any time. You can also make this easily known to us at and we will immediately follow up on this.

Your rental agreement
As soon as the landlord has indicated to you to rent the house, we will draw up a rental agreement. The following information will be included in this agreement:
  • Your personal details - and those of your partner and / or co-tenant (s)
    • Name, surname
    • Date of birth (age)
  • Your contact details
    • E-mail address
    • Phone number
    • Your current residence address
    • Your ID document number
    • Your IBAN
After signing the rental agreement and paying the deposit and first monthly installments and any other costs , key collection and check-in takes place. A check-in report is drawn up in which these personal details are also included.

In case you have indicated that you wish to make use of the application for utilities in your new home, we will provide your contact and (new) address details to our partner in utilities with your permission. You will then be contacted within 2 working days.

Where does At Home Vastgoed BV use this data for?

If you are a tenant or client, At Home Vastgoed BV uses your details to execute the obligations arising from the concluded lease or management agreement.

If you are a guarantor, At Home Vastgoed BV uses your details for security purposes with a view to the fulfillment (execution) of the rental agreement, concluded between our client and the tenant for which you are the guarantor.

Who has access to your data? Reasons why we share personal data

We only share your personal data with your permission and / or when we are obliged by law to provide it. We do not provide your information to third parties in any other case. We always treat your personal data and their security with the utmost care.

We use shielded secure server environment where unauthorized persons do not gain access to it. We will ensure that your data is securely stored and adequately protected against unauthorized use, unauthorized access, modification or unlawful destruction.

In your application you indicate that you are interested in a home and want to rent it. You will be asked to upload the documents relevant to your situation which will be shared with the landlord / owner of the property in a secure protected online environment at your request.

Only in the case of your nomination for a home can we (authorized employee of At Home Vastgoed BV) and the landlord at your request see your documents. The reason for this is that everyone must meet the duty of care. On the basis of the documents supplied, the landlord will then indicate whether you believe they are the right candidate and can be transferred to renting the property.

In all other cases, you are the only one who has access to your documents and is therefore also responsible for managing and removing them. Your data will be kept for as long as necessary for the aforementioned purposes or insofar as this is necessary due to legal obligations, or for resolving any disputes (all in accordance with legal payment periods). If you have not used your account for a period of 90 days, the documents will be automatically deleted.

Access and manage your personal data

You can always log in with your account at At Home Vastgoed BV and view, edit, upload and / or delete your data. Documents you've uploaded are just by looking at you, unless you are a candidate proposes a property - in which case the respective owner and we cansee the documents at the time of your application so that we can fulfill our duty of care.

If you no longer want to make use of your account and possibilities at At Home Vastgoed BV, you can easily delete it yourself. You can do this by logging in with your account and selecting "Unsubscribe" under My profile.

If you require questions and / or additional information about your account and your data, you can easily contact the Data Protection Officer (DPO) by sending an e-mail to In principle we will handle your request within 4 weeks, but it is our goal to provide you with an answer and the requested information within 5 working days.

Cookies and similar technologies

At Home Vastgoed BV uses cookies and similar technologies, with the help of which our services can be provided and data can be collected. With cookies we can save your preferences and settings; make it possible for you to register; offer interest-based housing;combat fraud; and analyze how our websites and online services perform.

We also use web beacons to help deliver cookies, and collect usage and performance data. Our websites may include web beacons and cookies from other service providers.

You have a wide range of tools to manage cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies, including browser control to block and remove third-party analytics services from cookies to stop the collection of data through web beacons and similar technologies . Your browser and other choices may affect your experiences with our products.

We would like to point out your (privacy) rights

Right of access: for access to the processed personal data, you can log in via your own account at At Home Vastgoed BV.

Right to rectification: you can send us an email to to update or supplement your personal data.

Right to data removal (oblivion): you can at any time delete your account including all related data. You can easily do this by logging in with your account and choosing "Unsubscribe" under My Profile. You can also ask us to remove your personal data from the systems. You can then submit this request to

Right to limit the processing: you can ask us to (temporarily) stop processing your personal data.

Right of objection: although you must always have given permission to us for the processing of your data, you may of course always object to against the processing of the personal data. We will then delete the entire account in consultation with you.

Right to file a complaint: in the unlikely event that you have a complaint about our services, you can file a complaint with us at or use the contact options on our website.

We also point out the possibility of submitting a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority about how At Home Vastgoed BV deals with your personal data. For the above requests, please contact us at We take your privacy very seriously. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us directly.

In case of a data breach

When a data breach is detected, we will close it immediately. We have a team available for this that can act very adequately and quickly. We will then also notify the Dutch Data Protection Authority within 72 hours of the found (and closed) data breach.